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No more Republicans. No more Democrats. It's time in this country to have a showdown between the conflicting values of this nation. In short, the two party system should consist of the Conservative and Liberal parties. We believe that you either treasure the principles of our Founding Fathers or you believe in socialism.

Either you agree that America is a country founded on self-determination with an extremely limited government, or you believe that the federal government's role is to solve all of our problems and absolve us of our personal responsibilities. History and current events have shown that when you allow government to provide you with that which you refuse to provide for yourself, then the very definition of liberty is moot.

Either you desire a free society in which everyone can make their own choices in every facet of their lives; where government is regulated to its original purpose – protection of its people and commerce; where you are free to keep the majority of your money and do with it what you wish, or you desire a communist system in which the major decisions of our lives are determined by the government; from your retirement to your health care to the capital you earn from your labor – all are controlled by a select few; a government that has the right to intrude on your personal affairs because you have given them the power to make so many personal decisions for you.

Do you know the difference between Debt and Deficit?

Why an Income Tax is Not Necessary to Fund the U.S. Government

TRUTH about Federal Income Tax?

TRUTH about the Federal Reserve?
*Phone call to the Fed*

Live free NOW!


TRUTH about Daylight Saving Time!


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